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Reynaldi Hadianto

Sydney-based Software Quality Assurance

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Senior QA Engineer - CSR Connect

CSR is the name behind some of the market's most trusted and recognised brand names in providing building products for residential and commercial construction. Names that builders and generations of Australians have come to know and trust. Like Gyprock plasterboard, Bradford insulation, PGH bricks and pavers, Monier rooftiles and Viridian glass to name a few. CSR Connect is the new digitized products ordering system for internal and external CSR user.

When I joined CSR, they were on the brink of releasing the new digitized version of CSR Connect, a website that provides tradies with a fully featured set of tools to manage their CSR accounts . It was under development for around 8 months. The biggest challenge was to learn the system, requirements and past system in a very short and limited time period. The site was successfully launched with positive reaction from customers

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CSR Connect data is very heavily relied on SAP, which I have picked up the knowledge while working on the project. CSR Connect have a very tight integration with SAP where data are originally coming from. To test this integration. I have learned to use SOAP UI and also set an automation test around it.

My responsibility as QA is to make sure that the system is in high quality standard. My day to day activities consist of regression testing, automation test, managing Jira backlog and providing input on the new features.

I have become heavily involved in managing the release schedule, creating release notes, and releasing hotfix. I managed the release branch, pulling and pushing the required codes and features for the release on github and deployed it to the relevant environments. Tools that I relied on while managing the releases are TeamCity and Octopus.

In the year after the product releases, we have developed new functionalities and features such as: in built CMS, reporting, invoices flag, account favourites, click and collect, integration with new business unit, achievements, order rewards, new email routing, IOS app, and the biggest of all was a complete redesign of the online ordering platform.

While we are a small team, I helped provide phone support and second level technical support if our support team is unavailable.

Senior QA Engineer - OneSaas

OneSaas is a web application that automate your online businesses together. The core functionality of OneSaas is connecting two or more online applications and services and makes them working together autonomously. Once connected, OneSaas will automatically pull relevant information, like invoices, contact details, shipping addresses, from e-commerce system and push it into the connected accounting system, fulfilment system or email marketing.

OneSaas is by far the hardest software that I have ever tested. The nature of the business and the workflow of the application makes it very complicated. There are almost infinite number of combination and permutation of scenarios that could possibly happen. My responsibility as QA is to make sure that their project and new releases are on track while maintaining the high quality standard. Regression testing and tinkering about automation strategy are also part of my day to day activities. Most of my time in OneSaas was managing releases for new plugins, connector and bug fixes.

Reason for leaving: Start-up scene creates uncertainty financially

Senior QA Engineer - Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is everything a designer needs to send email marketing campaigns for themselves and their clients. Campaign Monitor Help web designers grow their businesses by offering email newsletters as an extra service.

In Campaign Monitor, my responsibility as QA is to make sure that their project and new products are on track while maintaining the high quality standard. Regression testing and automation testing are also part of my day to day activities.

In the last year and half of my career in Campaign Monitor, I was deeply involved with building their new email newsletter builder called Canvas https://www.campaignmonitor.com/canvas/ Canvas is a next generation, easy to use, tool to build a beautiful email newsletter. I was in charge of a small group of developers and designers. Running and managing the sprint, including sprint planning meeting, backlog grooming, retrospective and sprint demo. While also doing day to day QA day activities like, regression test and test reviews.

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I also heavily involved on the earlier stage of new feature development. I partake the feature design discussion and gave my input on usability and functionality of the feature. I worked very closely with the design team refining the visual and usability of the feature. After the development finished, I liaised the information about the feature and release schedule to support team and 2nd level support team

Reason for leaving: Wanted to try working in start-up and was burnt out from the last project in Campaign Monitor

QA Engineer - RecordPoint

RecordPoint was created to cost effectively fill the gaps in SharePoint that prevent it being used as a standards compliant, enterprise grade record keeping solution.

RecordPoint addresses the local compliance challenge by leveraging and extending the native document and records management capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint to provide a 100% SharePoint solution that is built to meet global and local record keeping standards that were previously cost prohibitive or technically unfeasible.

As QA Engineer, I manage the end to end testing for multiple version of the application. I have prepared and redefine the testing processes within the company. Running bugs triage, configure and execute test cases is part of my day to day activity.

Reason for leaving: Pursuing better carrier opportunity

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